One of our prosthetic users was kind enough to share his story with us. We hope it is received
well and inspires many! Mark has been a tremendous inspiration to me and many others. I have
the great opportunity to work with him and even spent a couple of nights in the back country with
him after his accident when trying out a new prosthesis. After 3 days and two nights, he was
ready for another 3-4 nights; and I was bushed! Here is his incredible and inspiring story in his

own words. 

In an instant my motorcycle was folded in half, taking my left foot with it. I was 24 and my back and neck were damaged so badly, it left me unable to move from the neck down. Wow, I always thought if I ended up like one of those guys in a wheelchair that life would not be worth living. But there I was, motionless in that hospital bed… thinking…because thinking was all I could do.

In short, I decided that I was going to live life regardless of how hard. Fascinating thing is, that’s when life opened up for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough trying to get along with a body that just doesn’t want to get along, but with my new attitude I began to heal. Getting pushed around in a wheelchair was much better than laying in a bed, and getting movement back in my hands was a whole new world of feeding myself. Crutches were a bit agonizing, but, when I was fit with an artificial leg? Ya, I took off after life!It began with a gas station job, then a warehouse job, then an ambulance driver… Stunt man… Student… Competing in various sports… Met a beautiful girl… Married that beautiful girl… Worked for EarthLink Network, America Online and Mountain High Ski Resort… Opened my second business… 1-2-3-4 kids… Reconstruction surgery on my stump… Training for volleyball in any gym I could find… Recruited to USA Volleyball… Competed in 2 World Cups and 1 US Nationals… Realizing my family had outgrown my income, I gave up snow skiing, volleyball and self-employment and prepared the next step.