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Every day, Coastal P&O helps amputees from all walks of life and every stage of the prosthetic journey with an established, effective process. If visitors are facing upcoming surgeries, starting out as new amputees, or dealing with unsatisfactory results from other prosthetic providers, our expert staff is ready to equip them with quality care.

  • Comprehensive Approach to Prosthetic Care
  • Peer to Peer Pre- and Post-Op meetings with other amputees
  • Pre- and Post-Surgical Prosthetic Consultations
  • Prosthetic Evaluation Process
  • Fitting and Making a Prosthesis
  • Bionic and Prosthetic Technology


Comprehensive Approach to Prosthetic Care
Regardless of how a limb is lost, whether in an unforeseen accident or by a planned amputation, we understand the trauma involved. Amputees need a prosthetic team that works together for their success and assists them every step of the way. Coastal P&O is happy to provide this level of support to patients, and we seek to be a resource in each aspect of prosthetic care, from insurance benefits to device maintenance. We have unique opportunities to connect amputees with each other during appointments and through special events or programs. With varying ages and amputation levels represented among our patients, we ensure that they do not feel alone. There are also prosthetic peer counselors that can be called upon to meet at our office with patients to answer questions and console. They personally understand what patients are going through and candidly discuss what it is like to live with a prosthesis. At Coastal P&O, we get to know our patients as individuals and encourage their active involvement in fitting processes and ongoing care. We ask questions about their overall health, lifestyles, and activity goals to ensure their comfort, mobility, and quality of life improve with the aid of a prosthesis. This is the Coastal P&O difference! We value the medical and healthcare team that we are privileged to work with. As a referring physician, you will be updated on the progress of your patient. Clinical notes, pictures and videos are all part of the Coastal P&O process, and we want to confirm that each and every patient advances towards their goals. Often, we will accompany a patient to a return appointment to see the physician and discuss progress, challenges and successes. We also make every effort to be present at initial physical therapy appointments. This provides another opportunity to ensure the patient is receiving the optimal care.
Pre- and Post-Surgical Prosthetic Consultations

We offer pre-surgical consultations for prospective amputees, their families, and their friends at no charge and with no obligation. Our Certified Prosthetists and assistants provide tours of the facility and explain our philosophy of care. We discuss concerns, goals, and possible treatment options with the individual and even encourage visiting multiple prosthetic companies to make an informed decision.

Coastal P&O collaborates with other medical professionals as part of our team approach to prosthetic care. Our prosthetists offer expertise to surgeons before procedures, in order to determine optimal amputation lengths for their patients. Upon request, prosthetists can visit area hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing facilities to conduct appointments.

When prosthetists meet with amputees post-surgery, they are prepared to answer inquiries about wound care, address issues like phantom limb sensation, and discuss what lies ahead in the prosthetic process. With a doctor’s order, our prosthetists can apply rigid dressings, Adjustable Post Operative Devices such as Flo-Tech, LimbGuard and compressive socks (shrinkers).

The Flo-Tech & LimbGuard devices are immediate fit post-op prostheses that prepares the amputee’s residual limb for the future definitive prosthesis. This device can even be furnished prior to waking from surgery to assist with the physical and mental transition. They are also used in post-operative rehabilitation to protect amputees from injury while healing, provide access to bandages and dressings, and introduce weight-bearing and control swelling. When a doctor is satisfied with the residual limb’s condition and issues a prescription for treatment, we then move ahead to fitting the definitive prosthesis.

If you are a medical professional interested in knowing more about our distinct services, like pre- and post-operative collaboration, please contact us.

Prosthetic Evaluation Process
When patients come in for evaluations, we make it clear that losing a limb does not necessarily require lifestyle changes. Coastal P&O has years of experience with helping amputees achieve, and even exceed, their physical ambitions. Our patients range from those who wish to navigate around the house to those who compete as world-class athletes. Our evaluation process includes listening to what a patient desires to pursue, compiling a detailed medical history, evaluating the residual limb, and taking measurements. Our prosthetists review options and work to design a suitable prosthesis. We use evaluations as a catalyst for our relationships with patients and their specific treatment plans. As things progress, we also reevaluate a patient and the prosthesis to either confirm or change our clinical direction.
Fabricating and Fitting a Prosthesis

Coastal P&O is known for successfully fitting a wide array of amputees, even those who have not yet achieved a good fit for their socket interfaces at other prosthetic facilities. Working from the evaluation plan, our prosthetic team employs specialized fitting techniques that are unique to the industry. When a patient is satisfied with the evaluation and the prosthetist has a prescription to make a prosthesis, the fitting process begins with casting over the residual limb and fabricating a diagnostic check socket. At Coastal P&O, we fabricate our check sockets in our in-house lab and out of clear plastic, allowing prosthetists and assistants to observe pressure points and problem areas. If necessary, we make multiple preliminary sockets to achieve the right fit, including a walking check socket that can be used in the office. This well-established process is unparalleled in the profession and ensures a better fit and function. Using the latest in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing; patients can be fit with an initial prosthesis within 3-4 working days! This is almost 1/3 less time most facilities take. Our efficiencies, experience and in-house fabrication allow us to spend the extra time needed to ensure the proper fit and function for patients.

By investing time in the diagnostic process, fitting issues are minimized during fabrication. As a result, we can design prosthetic sockets that encourage muscle growth in the residual limb, and we supply training to rebuild residual muscles, which is critical to achieving a healthy gait pattern on various forms of terrain and participating in an array of activities. We assert that a prosthetic limb is only as good as its socket interface – proper fit for proper function.

Once the socket interface is comfortable, a final definitive carbon fiber socket is created and fabricated with the associated components and interfaces.  These components and interfaces are carefully selected from leading manufacturers by a patient’s prosthetist based on the information gathered from his/her evaluation. Adjustments are easily made during fitting appointments and follow-up visits for optimal performance and ultimate safety. Throughout the prosthetic process, Coastal P&O works as part of a patient’s medical support network to furnish the best prosthesis possible.


Bionics, CAD/CAM, 3D Printing and Prosthetic Technology

Coastal P&O is one of few prosthetic providers in Southern California that actively uses computer aided design and manufacturing for prosthetic devices. In our office, scanning technology optimizes the process for prosthetic design and improved fittings. Once the modifications are completed, the design is carved out of dense foam and prepared for the initial fabrication and fitting. After assessing, or reassessing, a patient’s health and lifestyle, we can chose from a variety of bionic and prosthetic technologies on the market to recommend for the prosthesis. These products offer a range of benefits for the patient and, when combined with the socket design, improve quality of life and increase activity options. Not all insurances will provide benefits for this type of technology, however, with proper medical necessity and justification many will. We encourage patients to talk with our prosthetists and administrative staff to determine what is right for them.


  • Pediatric Prosthetic Devices: All levels, Congenital, PFFD, Hemimelia
  • Upper Extremity: Partial hand, finger, Transradial & Transhumeral
    ⁃ Myoelectric – Conventional – Hybrid – Cosmetic
  • Post Operative Prostheses: Rigid Dressing, Adjustable Post Op Systems
  • Lower Extremity: Partial Foot, Symes, Transtibial, Transfemoral, HD & HP ⁃ Microprocessor Knees – Microprocessor Feet/Ankle – Vacuum Assisted Sockets – Post Operative/Early Fit Systems



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