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At Coastal P&O our goal is to provide the highest quality Prosthetic or Orthotic services for your family pet. Each device is custom molded and constructed to meet the animal’s individual needs. Using the same techniques executed in the Prosthetic and Orthotic industry for humans, custom devices are designed from impression models of the limb, CAD-CAM design rendering, modification; and then fabricated in our on-site lab.

Like humans, animals can lose mobility and experience discomfort because of arthritis, degenerating joints, diseases or accidents. They can benefit from devices that reduce pain, support, stabilize and aid in their recovery and rehabilitation. And, just like humans, each animal has individual requirements that need to be identified and addressed. Your family pet deserves the best!

There are many standard devices that are used in the V-OP industry. At Coastal P&O, custom functional devices are designed and created specifically for the individual animal and their biomechanical needs. We have great flexibility in collaborating with the Veterinarian, Rehab Specialist and Pet Owners on what will provide the best functional outcome, compliance and ease of use. Our facility is equipped with private exam rooms and a Fabrication Lab on site. This allows greater efficiencies and creative design.

  • Prosthetic Devices (all levels)
  • Hip Orthosis
  • Rigid Tarsal
  • Articulating Tarsal and Rigid Metatarsal Orthosis
  • Elbow Orthosis
  • Carpal Hyperextension Control
  • Stifle Orthosis
  • Articulating Tarsal Orthosis
  • Tarsal Hyperflexion Control
  • Rigid Carpal Orthosis
  • Articulating Carpal Orthosis
  • Mulit-joint level orthotic device
  • Bivalve Tumor Protective Orthosis
  • Protective Limb devices

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