This is an update on Chloe’s scoliosis story.

It’s been six months since we starting working with Chloe and her family, and she’s come a long way in her scoliosis journey. Chloe has been extremely diligent in wearing her brace, logging on average over 20 hours per day. She has also been doing her Schroth exercises at home. 

This week she had an out-of-brace x-ray to examine how her spine looks now. The x-ray was taken after Chloe stopped wearing her brace for 24 hours. Here are her results:

To say we were blown away by the results of her x-way would be a huge understatement. Her thoracolumbar Cobb angle reduced from 53 to 17 degrees! At the same time, her angle of trunk rotation (ATR) reduced by almost 50%. Her torso is also noticeably more balanced, as seen on the x-ray and in person. These results show what’s possible when effective bracing is combined with a motivated patient and a supportive family! 

To Chloe, we’d like to say congratulations on your progress thus far, and we look forward to seeing this through to the end! We’re so thankful that you and your family have chosen us to be part of your scoliosis journey.