At Coastal P&O, we value being leaders in innovation in our unique specialties.  Our excellency in clinical care didn’t happen overnight, as it was developed over years of experience.  Just like everyone, we all started somewhere, and are fortunate to have had great mentors and teachers along the way.  That’s why we believe it is important to continue this cycle, and help mentor the next generation of clinicians.  Today, we’re pleased to introduce our first resident, Amanda Kasten. 

Amanda is a current orthotic and prosthetic resident from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. She enrolled into a Masters degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics because she loves how this field connects biomechanics, art, and patient care. So far in her previous residency stops in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Denver, she has practiced multiple O&P techniques and was able to see a wide variety of patients, ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics.  Now she is getting the opportunity to learn more about speciality prosthetic devices, Rigo Cheneau scoliosis braces, and veterinary orthotic and prosthetic options here at Coastal P&O.  She has really enjoyed growing in her approach to prosthetic and scoliosis care while working in multiple clinics around the country during her residency.

Amanda will officially graduate and finish her residency in December 2020 and looks forward to seeing where the Orthotics and Prosthetics field takes her.  Prior to graduate school, Amanda received a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, and worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) here in California where sport rehabilitation was her focus. Amanda is a Southern California native who loves the beach, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.