We met Mateo several months ago, when he and his twin sister were referred to us by their pediatrician for an evaluation of their cranial asymmetries.  Our initial evaluation showed Mateo presented with a mild/moderate case of asymmetric brachycephaly, or a combination of brachycephaly and plagiocephaly.  Given that the family had already been practicing tummy time and repositioning with little improvement in the head shape, they decided to proceed with a cranial remolding helmet.  Fortunately, Mateo’s twin sister’s cranial measurements were not as severe, and did not require any helmet treatments.

When choosing a design for their helmet, Mateo’s mom expressed how their family, especially dad, were diehard LA Dodgers fans.  With baseball season starting soon, they wanted a Dodgers theme helmet.  Thanks to another local small business, Gatorwraps, they were able to custom wrap their helmet with their favorite baseball team.  

Not only did Mateo look great with his helmet on, he also looked great when he completed his helmet treatment 3 months later!  Both his plagiocephaly and brachycephaly asymmetry number improved to within normal limits.  While he won’t be wearing the Dodgers helmet anymore, mom and dad are very excited with Mateo’s new head shape, and to switch him to a traditional Dodgers cap. 

Before Helmet

After Helmet